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TN GPS MPH Speedometer (200MPH)


-Fixing dimension: 85mm(3-3/8") 
-Indicating Range: 0-200MPH

-Working Voltage: 12V/24V
-Total Mileage Adjustable, Mileage Range: 0-999999 km 
-GPS Blind Area Odometer Compensation
-OverSpeed Buzzer Alarm (Value Adjustable)
-Indication light: LEFT, HIGH BEAM, RIGHT 
-Backlight: Red and Yellow available
-Working temperatures: - 40 to 85°C
-Operation mode: LCD display, stepper motor 


-Suitable for all vehicles and off-road vehicles 
-The signal comes directly from the satellite signal receiver(GPS Antenna), don't need other speed sensor. 
-The gauge has the advantages of high precision, quick location confirmation and short start up time. 
-IP67 waterproof and dustproof grade 
-Reverse polarity protection and anti-fogging performance 
-No Stationery Drift 
-Stepper motors used for full range of stepping gauges, great feature with its less power consumption, longer life, higher precision, etc. 


1.  Cut an 85mm (3 3/8") hole in the panel (II) and allow a clearance of  55mm (2 3/16”) behind the panel to fit the gauge.

2.  Remove fastening ring (I), insert gauge through the panel from the front. Tighten gauge (III) using fastening ring (I) from the rear.

3.  Connect cables according to the diagram. Choose either red or yellow wire for backlighting.

4.  Securely fasten the GPS antenna, preferably outdoors (or inside front windscreen) so that it has a clear view of the sky to pick up satellite signal. Connect the antenna cable to socket in the back of the gauge. Do not cut cable.

5.  After turning on the power, allow the gauge to search for satellite signal for 1 minute.

Function Select: “ODO”,“BUZZ”

Press and hold on the button at the back, then turn on the power supply.

The LCD will show ODO, BUZZ, etc. 

You can select the function after releasing the button.

1.“ODO”(change total odometer)

After selecting “ODO”, the LCD will show “5000” (for example 5000 km) , press the button to change the flashing digit from 0 to 999999 to set up the target odometer value.

2.“BUZZ”(change overspeed buzzer alarm threshold value)

After selecting “BUZZ”, e.g. the LCD will show “B 80” (buzzer will be on when speed over 80km/h), press the button to change the flashing digit from 10 to 240 to set up target overspeed buzzer alarm threshold value.

(Remarks: No.3 function is not ready in the prototype sent to BESTAS, but will be ready in mass production.)

Note: After setting, you should disconnect both Power+ and GND, then reconnect the two cables , it will save the setting. If you just cut Power +, then it won’t work properly.

Package Included:

1x GPS speedometer 

1x GPS Antenna

1x Multi-plug socket 

1x Installation Instruction



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TN GPS MPH Speedometer (200MPH)